In occordance with the guidelines, the Masjid will be remaining OPEN for the time being. Please note that the guidlines are zero tolerance and must be adhered to at all times.

Welcome to Al Hassan Education Centre & Masjid e Quba

Hafiz Mohammed Hassan (Founder), Akhlaq Mir (Late), and all the Al Hassan Education Centre Committee Members have been serving the needs of the community for over 20 years and bringing with them vast amounts of knowledge and experience. Masjid-e-Quba was demolished and re-built in 2014/15 and without our communities help, support and kindness this would not have been possible. The full management committee are forever greatful.
24 Shepherds Lane, Leeds, LS8 4LH



Ramadan 2021 Timetable

Ramadan 2021 Timetable

Al Hassan Education Centre and Masjid e Quba Trustees and Committee

Board of Trustees

Ch. Mohammad Farooq

Hafiz Mohammad Hanif

Haji Mohammad Mehboob

Ch. Arshad Ul Haq

CH. Mohammad Akram Najmi

Management Committee

Ch. Mohammad Farooq


Ch. Mohammad Akram Najmi

Vice Chairman

Mushtaq Mir


Asif Ali

Assistant Secretary

Haji Mohammad Mehboob


Abdul Jabbar

Assistant Treasurer

Senior Members of Executive Committee

Abdul Rehman Farrukh

Malik Akhtar

Rana Mohammad Akram

Hafiz Mohammad Hassan

Mohammad Yaseen Hassan

Executive Committee Members

Nazir Ahmad Rashid

Maroof Hussain

Nasrullah Khan

Mushtaq Mir

Asif Ali

Abdul Jabbar

Usman Mehboob

Maulana Usman Tariq

Ch Arshad

Faisal Javed

Mohammad Javed Tariq

Abdul Haq Mughal

Mehboob Ahmed

Rafique Bustan

Usman Rasool

Mohammad Bashir

Moin UL Islam

Tariq Farooq

Mudassar Aslam

Wajid (Abubaker Store)

Masjid Attendence - Covid-19 Notices

Covid Message

Donation Appeal

Asalaamu’ Alaikum, In this blessed month of Ramadan
We the Members of Al Hassan Education Centre & Masjid-e-Quba Leeds, humbly request you to donate generously to Masjid Quba.
As Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “Whoever builds for Allah a masjid Allah will reward him similar to it in Jannat”
In normal circumstances you would have attended the prayers and donated your money in person but in current circumstances this is not possible therefore, please donate directly into the Masjid’s account.
Natwest Bank: 
Masjid e Quba
Sort Code: 60 60 05
Account Number: 51392232

This is only for masjid donation 
DO NOT PAY your ZAKAT or SADAQA in this Account!
May Allah reward you for your efforts.
JazakAllah Khair!

Our Services

Below are the services that we provide under the umbrella of Al Hassan Education Centre. 

Masjid e Quba 

Masjid-e-Quba was demolished and re-built in 2014/15 and without our communities help, support and kindness this would not have been possible. The full management committee are forever greatful.

Funeral Service

Al-Hassan education centre is proud to be the first charitable organisation in Leeds to setup a funeral service. Established in 1999, this is a Muslim service for all the local community. Al-Hassan will manage the process of handling the paperwork from the mortuary to the cemetery, this includes all burial forms.

Apna Centre 

We proudly assert our second and most valuable project, Apna Centre. This building was fully completed in late February 2011 and was up and running within the first few days of March 2011. Apna Centre has been very beneficial to the Local community and has many activities for the youth as well as the seniors.

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