Al-Hassan Funeral Service

Al-Hassan Funeral Service

Al-Hassan Funeral Service
For information please contact our 24 Hour Number:  0113 318 7256

Al-Hassan education centre is proud to be the first charitable organisation in Leeds to setup a funeral service. Established in 1999, This is a Muslim service for all the local community. This was something very much needed by the community and has proven to be very beneficial and valuable.

We have a partnership agreement with Leeds City Council for out of hours burial services and death registration.
Alhassan will manage the process of handling the paperwork from the mortuary to the cemetry, this includes all burial forms.

We also have arrangements in place for the transportation of the deceased body to the country of origin when requested. The usual countries where the body is transported to follow as:

  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Kashmir
  • Africa
  • Guinea

Please contact the following for further information.

24 Hour Contact –  0113 318 7256



Some of the information on this page is specific to residents of Leeds and Bradford Metropolitan District and different procedures may apply in other local authorities.

The procedures below are basic practical guidelines which will assist anyone facing bereavement. Naturally, next of kin and close relatives will be a state of shock and grief; therefore it is the responsibility of close relatives and friends to assist them with the arrangements for burial.

The following persons should be contacted immediately when death has taken place in the family:

  • The family doctor.

  • The local undertaker/funeral directors

If Death Occurs at Home – Cause of Death Known

1. Contact the family general practitioner immediately. Provided the doctor attended the dead person during his last illness and can certify the cause of death he will issue a medical certificate free of charge. It will state the cause of death.

2. Inform the local undertaker that a medical certificate has been issued. The undertaker will make all the arrangements with the cemetery for burial. He will advise the time and place for burial. He will arrange for the body to be taken for washing.

3. A close relative preferably, a son or brother should take the medical certificate to the Registrar of Births and Deaths of the district/borough where the death took place for registration. He should have with him the following information: the deceased person’s NHS medical card (if available), the deceased person’s usual address, the deceased date of birth, town and country of birth, occupation, and date of birth of widow or widower. The Registrar is normally based in the Civic offices or the Town Hall. The Registrar will issue two free certificates.

  • Certificate disposal (green certificate) – This certificate should be given to the undertaker as an authorization for burial.

  • Certificate of Registration of Death – This if for the next of kin.

During public holidays or after office hours the certificate of disposal can be obtained from the Registrar of Death from his home. His/her telephone number can be obtained from the Funeral Director or Council for Mosques. This service is only available in the event of an emergency i.e. if burial needs to take place and offices are closed.

Death Occurs at Home – Cause of Death Unknown

1. Where the Doctor is unable to certify the cause of death he will report the death to the police who in turn will inform the Coroner (who is responsible for investigating certain deaths)

The matter will be referred to the Coroner if death occurs in any of the following circumstances.

  • If the deceased person was not attended by a Doctor during his last illness or within 14 days of death

  • If the cause of death is uncertain

  • If death was sudden, violent or caused by an accident

  • If death was caused by industrial disease

2. The rest of the procedures are exactly the same as above.

3. If after the post-mortem examination, the cause of death is uncertain or was due to an accident, violence, or industrial disease then an inquest will be held.

Death Occurs in Hospital – Cause of Death is Known

1. If the doctor is aware of the cause of death, he will issue a medical certificate so that the disposal certificate can be obtained from the Registrar of Deaths. The Doctor may want to carry out a post-mortem but has to obtain the permission of the nearest relative. If the post-mortem is required purely for the satisfaction of the Doctor or the hospital then the permission is not normally given by the relative in which case they to respect the wished of the close relative. The body will be released to the undertaken to burial in which case procedures outlined above should be followed.

2. Normally they would transfer the body from the ward to the hospital mortuary, but if arrangements are made swiftly then the body can be collected by the undertaker from the ward and taken to the undertaker’s mortuary.

3. If is important to bear in mind that the death must be registered in the district/borough of the hospital where they death took place.

4. Once the medical certificate has been issued by the Doctor and the undertaker has confirmed the time of burial, arrangements should be made for the bathing of the body. The undertaker will carry the body from the hospital to the place of washing and then to the Cemetery for burial. If the body is to be sent out of the country then permission is needed from the Coroner and another certificate is required to accompany the body. Passport of diseased is needed for this.

Death Occurs in Hospital – Cause of Death is Unknown or is within 24 hours of being admitted to hospital

Where the Doctor is unable to certify the cause of death he will report to the Coroner. The same procedures as outlined above (death occurs at home-cause of death unknown) will apply.

Burials normally take place on weekdays but certain Cemeteries do allow burials to take place at weekends and on public holidays.

Death at Home

Contact GP – Police only if suspicious death.

If GP signs Medical Certificate giving cause of death – deceased can be removed. If not available or unwilling to sign. Coroner will collect.


Once referred to Coroner the decision will be made whether or not PM will take place.

  • If no PM a ‘Part A’ will be issued by Coroner – to be collected & taken to Registrar. (Coroner is satisfied)

  • After PM ‘Part B’ will be issued. Collect and take to Registrar.

  • ‘Part C’ – If Coroner requires an inquest usually after PM a formal opening of the inquest will take place after which an ‘Order for Burial’ will be issued. Burial can take place but no registration.

Opening Hours. Monday-Thursday, Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. Sat. Closed.

On call – Saturday-Sunday – Bank Holidays, either day. Telephone: Police Operation Room, request on duty Coroner officers. For Out of County only dial 101.

For Stillborn

If over 24 weeks and deceased has not shown signs of life a ‘Medical Certificate of Stillbirth’ will be issued. Birth and death will have to be registered. Registration can only be carried out by mother (out of wedlock) or either parent if married.


If under 24 weeks a certificate of ‘non viability will be issued. No registration.

For any further support or guidance contact 0113 3187256