Al-Hassan Funeral Service

Al-Hassan Funeral Service

Al-Hassan Funeral Service
For information please contact Akhlaq Mir: 07967511570 

Al-Hassan education centre is proud to be the first charitable organisation in Leeds to setup a funeral service. Established in 1999, This is a Muslim service for all the local community. This was something very much needed by the community and has proven to be very beneficial and valuable.

You can join by the payment of a one off joining fee. The joining fee will be £2000.00, this covers you and children under 18 in your household towards any funeral arrangements, and thereafter a £25.00 annual fee per person applies. (Paid by standing order) Additional £2000.00 required per person over 18.

We have a partnership agreement with Leeds City Council for out of hours burial services and death registration.
Alhassan will manage the process of handling the paperwork from the mortuary to the cemetry, this includes all burial forms.

We also have arrangements in place for the transportation of the deceased body to the country of origin when requested. The usual countries where the body is transported to follow as:

  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Kashmir

Memorial headstones have been intoduced for loved ones.
Please contact the following for further information.

Mr Akhlaq Mir – 0796 751 1570 (Out of hours, main contact)

Apna Centre – 0113 307 0500